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The End

The End

“How’s the house going?” “How’s this project going?” “Did you take care of this?” “Oh I don’t think I could live like that, with all that to do.” “When do you think you’ll have it done?”

Maybe never. Maybe “the end” will never come! “Oh, it’s coming along,” I'll answer softly. The honest answer wavers on the tip of my tongue, “I was tired this weekend (this month) so all I managed to do was tidy up a bit.” Or, “I’m out of cash at the moment. so, we can’t really do much.” Or, “It's nice out and I want to work in my yard!”

This spring and summer, Bryan and I have been spending just about all of our time outside. While we work, one of our resident catbirds follows along hoping to benefit from the freshly turned earth. S/he is not afraid of getting too close. I like to step back and allow a brief scavenge to see what goodies s/he turns up. (Not once a worm, btw. Mostly smaller insects or an occasional large grub. Whatever amount they can tuck into their beak.)

The deer come at dusk to eat from the pear tree near the pool. The speckled fawns chase each other, doing that thing where they splay their front legs and drop their shoulders before taking off at a full sprint.

A tiny wren couple made their nest in the bird house we put up outside the garage. If you can approach with some stealth, you'll hear their tiny squeaks.


By night, the frog congress at the pool is in full swing. I swear they can be heard a mile away. 

As we dig, cut, prune, trim, plant, and otherwise work the land that is our home, the rooms in the house sit quietly neglected.

Soon enough we will be back inside. I hope the weather can hold out until November.

You Asked for It!

You Asked for It!