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In the Jungle

In the Jungle

In the jungle, the mighty jungle which is my house.... I’m spending quite a bit of time researching items for the store these days. Many of them were produced by artisans from places near and far. Most, if not all, were procured on trips by either Jim or Jim's mother, Blanche. Determining what comes from where is quite the process. One I enjoy, I admit.

I'm still filled with wonder at having the opportunity to go through so much stuff from this family of world travelers. Blanche moved in when her health started failing in the late 70s. There are many boxes of her memorabilia in the attic. From what I can gather she took at least three trips to Europe. She also traveled to China, returning with quite a bit of cloisonné. Her travel trunks are still in the attic.

Jim went on numerous hunting trips. Likely hundreds. One of them included a Kenyan safari in the 60s. I’m currently organizing some of the artifacts he returned with, including tribal machetes and jewelry. 

In other news, I’ve been jotting down ideas for blog posts. I'd love to hear your feedback. This is what I have so far:

1. Favorite Things  

In a house full of so many cool items, I’d like to share the ones I love (and use) the most. I haven’t shared these previously, so, that’ll be a fun one.

Frivolous animated gif courtesy of my favorite movie. (giphy.com)

2. Blanche’s Jazz Records

I need to find a record player to accommodate 78s, maybe even one with bluetooth. Any recommendations? I could make many interesting Insta Stories out of that box of 1940s jazz.

I'm not even sure there's any Louis in that box. (giphy.com)

3. Jim’s Taxidermy

I don’t think there’s a wall in that house that is untouched by a mounted dead animal. Let’s take a tour!

I laugh every time I look at this. (giphy.com)

4. WIP House Letters

I’ve spent hours reading their correspondence. Much of it I gave back to the family, but I still have a few things I’ve uncovered. We should go through it before I return it.

Ok, enough with the GIFs. (giphy.com)

5. Blanche’s World Travels

So many trips with saved scribbled notes and paper goods. She even saved the press clippings that inspired her trips. Pretty sure there is enough for multiple posts here.

6. House History

The neighborhood has changed tremendously since they moved in in 1962. I’ve stumbled across some old photos and heard stories from neighbors and family. The house history is a story worth telling.

7. Books of Note

SO MANY BOOKS. Seriously. Every room of the house has bookshelves. Revolutionary war. Civil war. The old American west. Africa. Coin collecting. Cookbooks. Camping. Survival. Photography. Guns. More Guns. Teddy Roosevelt. Ian Fleming....

What am I missing? What would you like to know? I’d love to hear from you.

I have no self control. (giphy.com)


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