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You Asked for It!

You Asked for It!

I just want to say "thank you" for all of your support. The encouragement I receive from you, in-person and online, helps me keep my spirits up when the work feels insurmountable.  

For those of you that responded "yes!" to my online poll last week, below are a few items from the house available for purchase. As much as I love all of these little beauties, I don't have room for it all. If you'd like to give them a new home, please give me a shout in the comments or via email. We can calculate shipping, if necessary, or you can grab it from me in NJ or NYC. I've added in a few other items I think you might like. 

This is the "Femme" collection, the next one will be more "Butch." :)



Contented Cat 

Perfume Compact

She's a little worse for the wear with spots of patina and clipped ears, but still a total cutie. Less than 2" wide and 1.5" tall.



Haviland France Limoge Plate

Beautiful hand-painted dahlias on this French porcelain. The mark on the back was used from the 1890s to the 1930s. A similar plate with similarly painted dahlias online was dated 1920. There is a small chip and it carries a slight yellow patina. Plate hanger included..



Pearl & Rhinestone Earrings

When worn, rhinestones sit above the pearls. Blanche liked to keep herself well-adorned.



Milk Glass Vase

This cute little number would look great on an end table with a cheerful daisy in it. The bold wallpaper in this photo doesn't quite do it justice! 9" tall.



Vintage Chinese Paper Fan


Chinese Aviation Administration of China fans from the late 40s to the late 80s. The paper and bamboo show some age spots upon closer inspection. A little over 9" in length when closed.



Westmoreland Wedding Bowl

From the 1950s, the frosted glass version of this dish is extremely hard to find. This would make.a lovely candy or trinket dish. Maybe even.a really fancy sugar bowl!?



Capretto Gloves

Extremely soft gloves made out of Capretto (goat/kid)  leather in Rome, Italy. Comes with original envelope with Rome address. No stains or spots. Very well kept. Size 6 1/2.



The End

The End

History and a Name

History and a Name